Lee can be seen as “Eleanor Sullivan” in the NBC-TV. PERSONS UNKNOWN, created by Oscar winner (USUAL SUSPECTS) Christopher McQuarrie.

She is the recipient of two Primetime Emmy nominations, her first being for LONG ROAD HOME starring opposite Mark Harmon, the second for SECRET SINS OF THE FATHERS starring opposite Beau Bridges.

This acclaimed actress has numerous film, television and stage credits, including her role as Louise St. Laurent on the TV series “DUE SOUTH” created by Oscar winner Paul Haggis, and her generation-defining performance as the sultry step-mom in the iconic film “VALLEY GIRL” with Nicholas Cage. Fans around the world frequently reach out to her for her role as "Peggy" in the cult favorite film BIG WEDNESDAY. Lee has also starred opposite many other Hollywood’s popular leading men, and has the distinction of starring opposite two of Hollywood dynastic father-son duos, Michael Douglas and Kirk Douglas and Beau Bridges and Lloyd Bridges.

As a young girl, Lee’s film career began when she was personally selected and mentored by film icon Steve McQueen to star in McQueen’s Solar Productions’ film “ADAM AT 6 A.M.” opposite Michael Douglas. She will always be grateful to McQueen for his mentoring her and cherishes the time spent with him.

From an early age, Lee was drawn to the arts. She began dance training at the age of three, did her first television show at five, her first play at seven, and all the while was studying music, writing, painting, photography, and other arts.

As a dancer, Lee performed in a traveling troupe by the age of 13, and later danced in such films as ALMOST SUMMER and television shows such as MCGYVER, but injuries stopped her from a long career in dance, so she turned to modeling to sustain herself until she was able to support herself solely from acting.

Lee was born into a military family. After the death of her Marine pilot father, she was raised by her grandparents until her mother remarried a Navy doctor. The family moved frequently, but finally settled down after the Navy service was completed and her doctor father went into private practice.

Lee left home at the age of 17 to pursue her dreams and to receive her acting training in California and London, England.

Being a person who enjoys a challenge, Lee has been a motorcycle enthusiast, flown planes, competed in rodeos, done many of her own stunts in film and television, and has had many other adventures.

In addition to acting, Lee has also been active in production as a producer/writer/director and co-owned a niche market video production company, which won the Silver Medal in the New York Film and TV Festival.

After the sale of the video company, Lee focused on the production and financing of independent features, and the creation of film, TV and theatre projects. As a single mother to her son, taking several years off from acting and working behind the camera made it easier to raise a child alone. Now that her son is grown, Lee has returned to acting, in addition to continuing her other interests.

Lee has been active in directing and producing theatre. She is co-owner and member of The Green River Ropin’ and Recitin’ Preservation Society Players, a critically acclaimed troupe of well-known actors and musicians who perform Western Heritage literature and music from the 1800’s. Many noted guest artists, such as Sam Shepard, have performed with the Green River Players.

Having the unique background of being an American who trained in London, Lee returns to Europe every year to direct, perform and lecture. She has enjoyed directing and performing there in such plays as LOVE LETTERS, BLITHE SPIRIT, RICHARD III, MACBETH and others.

Lee's charity work currently includes Heart of a Horse, a group that rescues horses from abuse, slaughter, and neglect; also VET (Veterans Entertainment Team), which assists military veterans in many areas of need.

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